Scope of work: Strategy UX/UI Website Design

01 Overview
Hair support supplements and premium natural haircare products
Health & Beauty
02 The Challenge

Redefine the brand look in order to appeal to younger audiences

03 Strategy
Changing Brand Direction

Since we targeted a new age demographic, it changed the entire design system. This required us to change everything from visual brand representation (i.e. typography, colors, illustrations) to the tone of the brand voice


Updated keywords in order to align with new brand direction

Brand Personas

Built brand buyers personas in order to help us understand what motivates our potential customers

New Brand Look and Feel

Picked images, color variations, fonts, and illustrations for better brand visualization. This helped us to envision the future of the brand’s design and apply it across the entire website and other digital platforms, such as the customer portal

New Product Images

Updated old 3D product renders to new, high-quality images in order to portray beautiful new brand packaging

Product Photosets With Hair La Vie Models

Using buyer personas, we found models for new website imagery

About Page
Article Page
Collection Page
Journey Box Page
Results Page
New Look

Applied new art direction across the entire website

UI Kit

Created a comprehensive UI kit in order to establish digital consistency across all company digital products