Scope of work: Strategy Branding UX/UI Website Design

01 Overview
Essential Elements is a dietary and wellness supplement brand
Health & Wellness
02 The Challenge

The challenge was to redefine the brand positioning and adapt its product line design, in order to appeal to a diverse U.S. market

03 Strategy
Market Positioning

Conducted research to define the brand’s unique market position and direction, as well as identified key differences that set it apart from competitors

Unique Brand Direction

Defined the brand’s new direction through keywords that align with its unique selling proposition and brand philosophy

Mood Board

Designed brand’s mood board for future visualization and inspiration. The goal was to create visual consistency for subsequent marketing efforts

04 Branding

Updated the brand’s logo to convey a more sophisticated image by using an elegant, solid typeface

Brand Images
Social Media Design

Designed the brand’s social media presence and enhanced brand awareness strategy by using strong and consistent imagery across all platforms

Style Guide

Created a comprehensive style guide for future branding and projects

05 Web Design

Implemented new branding across the entire website

New Look

Optimized user experience throughout website with a specific focus on product pages in order to increase sales and conversion rates