Scope of work: Strategy UX/UI Website & App Design Motion Design App & Website Development

01 Overview
BePerk is the new type of social media that gives the power back to users while eliminating the pressures of the “typical” social media stigma
Social Media
02 The Challenge

The challenge was to create a unique app identity and design that will compete with established social media platforms

03 Strategy
App Map

Created an app map using UX design that allowed users to easily navigate mobile software


Designed over 125 prototypes of the app

UI Design

Utilized UI design to create the final look of the BePerk app, which included over 125 screens and animations

Front-End & Back-End Development

Created a design that integrated smoothly with Objective-C, a programming language utilized by app companies for OS X and iOS operating systems

04 Landing Page

Designed the “About BePerk” landing page that detailed all of the app’s features and described the company’s core values


HTML5/CSS3 + JS Coding Development

05 Storyboard For Tutorial Video

Created the storyboard for BePerk’s tutorial video

Tutorial Video

Watch the final tutorial video

Final Results
3000 +
in the first month
place in App Store Top Chart
in the first month